In recent years, many companies have entered the mobile marketing field & achieved positive results. This means, the power & advantages of smartphones have been recognized by many users. Hence, mobile marketing becomes a new potential marketing trend. Let’s have a conversation with Mr. Huy Quan – Click Media’s Head of Interactive, in order to discover more about Mobile Marketing

1. Would you like to introduce yourself?
Hmmm, well I’ve been based here for the last 9 years now; my works has predominantly encircled the field of Digital communications with 3 years in between managing brands in the high education industry. I currently head the Interactive department at Click where we deliver Web, Mobile and Search innovations and solutions as part of digital integrated campaigns for both this and other global markets. 2015 was a special year for us, when we won a MMA Gold of the Smarties 2015

2. Your perspective on the growth of Mobile Marketing & its challenge in Vietnam?
Vietnam’s digital data consumption is nearing 50/50 for desktop and mobile devices, with forecast for mobile to overtake desktop by the end of 2016. Basically speaking, Vietnamese are becoming more indulged to the convenient of what mobile brings to their lives. They message more, more videos are watched via the mobile screens, more social networking interactions are made, more gaming, more songs are listened to via mobile devices’ speakers than others, any users’ action and reaction can all be broken down into digital data and these data are becoming very familiar with mobile devices as their final destination.

The key issue for brands and marketers that I have come to experience is that for most mobile is still very uncharted waters, untried, untested and most are unwilling to take those pioneering risks even though the understanding of the potential riches that mobile can bring to any communication campaign is there.

It is not my opinion but a hard fact that mobile is the dominant medium and will be for the tangible future to come. Your brand and organization should be ‘mobile ready’ by now with a few test ride mobile campaigns already tried and tested stepping into 2016 and if you are not than be prepare to be left behind by your competitors.

3. According to your experience, what is the key thing to build up a productive marketing strategy via mobile channel?
Start with your target user experience and not with your brand objectives, with mobile you can be right there in the moment with the users; Who they are? Where they are? At what time? How they move about during their day? All this allow you to almost be living in the pockets of your target users, no pun intended (gently smile once more), experience their lives, their fears, their joy, their wants and needs, then work backwards and you may find that you will have some adjustments for your brand objectives and how to deliver them for your next communication campaigns. Never consider Mobile as a stand alone medium, if so we are missing out on arguably the medium’s most impactful strengths, synergy. Mobile has the ability to since sync with most if not all other mediums. Adding a QR code or quite simply a SMS short code to OOH communications to further your conversations to more complex mobile applications that allow users to interact with TVCs or live sponsored televisions game shows.

Your everyday smartphone users, when you get a glimpse of their screens what do you see? I guaranteed you that 8 out 10 times they are engaged in a social platform or another, for this market; Facebook, Zalo, Viper and Instagram just to name few. There is a special relationship here between the two medium and if given a closer look I am absolute that brands and marketers can spots synergies and leverage points between the two to bring values both to target users and brands alike.

For example, our recent successful Mobile campaign “Desperados Wild Summer” showed that analyzing & understanding customer’s behavior is an indispensable step to integrate Mobile Marketing into Communication Strategy. Aiming to the market’s young adults, our challenge is to find out a practical Mobile solution that catch user’s attention, hence merging online with offline activations and drive consumption actively and directly. We provide an entertainment platform with exciting games and activities, which addresses the need of youngster for constant entertainment. With a simple gameplay similar to 2 trending mobile games at that time: Pirate King and Candy Crush, our Mobile application achieved more success than our expectation with 3 million users on Digital & more than 300.000 interactions, helping to stimulate the brand’s growth of sale up to 65% within the campaign’s timeframe.

4. Would you like to share with us your forecast about Mobile Marketing landscape in 2016?
Mobile will definitely continue to dominate with more and more dynamic ways of reaching the audience. Advancement in the country’s technological infrastructure like 3.5 or even 4G capabilities which will cut down idle time significantly of data being transmitted from network servers to users’ devices. Opening up opportunities for brands and marketers alike in being then and there with their audience and deliver messaging in not just better content but more importantly context.