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Omo: Give Dirt to Get Dirt

OMO is Vietnam’s market leader for laundry detergents. As a leader and a Brand of Purpose, OMO believes that “Dirt Is Good”, and that every child should have the freedom to play, learn and grow through tactile and real experiences.

This is only possible if Vietnamese children had a safe environment to play and grow. This belief brought OMO’s attention to the high drowning rate of Mekong Delta children and the fact that only 35% of children in the Mekong Delta could swim (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Report 2017).

Inspired by the children of Mekong Delta, OMO decided to lead an ambitious dream of building swimming pools and provide swimming classes for Mekong Delta children. The brand rallied the rest of Vietnam to this cause.

OMO trusted Click to help make this dream come true.

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#TakeDirtToGiveDirt is the 8th most mentioned campaign during the period of August 2018.

72,514 conversations on social

20,000 netizens got involved and 9,300 user-generated content were submitted to raise awareness of the issue.

Overall sentiment score was excellent at 0.95 point, exceeding KPI (0.81 point)

Overwhelming positivity as Vietnamese netizens dubbed the campaign ‘meaningful’

OMO’s brand scores increased (Brand relevance: 92 and Brand conviction: 86) and it maintained its position as detergent market leader.

Bronze winner MMA 2019
Social Impact/Not for Profit category

25 swimming pools built for swimming lessons to teach Mekong Delta children how to swim


Laundry detergent market is a hyper competitive market in Vietnam. It’s very important to differentiate between the brands to customers as customers are exposed to too many function-centric commercials. This makes brand recall very difficult to achieve when consumers are making their purchase decisions. It’s becoming a tough challenge for OMO to attract, retain customers and differentiate from other detergent brands in the market.



Our creative strategy was defined by 2 important observations through our research:
1. Vietnamese tend to stay away from dirt as much as possible. They want their clothes and their appearance on social media to look perfect and stainless.

2. Social proof: People tend to look up to others to follow and use others’ actions as guidance for their own. Which means, a good social cause supported by a trustworthy person makes others feel obliged to take action, which in turn creates a social movement.



We decided to twist the society’s norm of dirt by giving people a good reason to take dirt for themselves: a good deed. Our idea was a social challenge “Take Dirt to Give Dirt”: the more people take dirt, the more they will contribute to building safe playgrounds for Mekong Delta kids. And everyone could join using their most-used commodity, their mobile phones.


To spread the challenge, we adopted an ‘outside-in and inside-out’ media approach. Our media strategy started with deploying mass channels to reach the niche and using the niche to convert the mass. Apart from OMO’s Facebook fanpage as the official content hub, we also employed the use of:

  • Mass KOLs to initiate and promote the social challenge.
  • Mass communities and comic pages to call their fans to join.
  • Mass PR channels to reflect the progress and explain the cause of the movement for the public.
  • Insider network and leaders of communities to act like the seed of action within niche groups and networks and to amplify the campaign to the mass groups.


  • Using #TakeDirtToGiveDirt hashtag, we challenged people to take dirt and submit the proof as a donation to OMO’s fund. They could join this challenge in 2 ways, which were equally fun and easy to do.
  • Take dirt digitally via our interactive mobile website (, which was designed specifically for mobile users. By shaking their phones, users got colorful stains on their Facebook avatar as a pledge of support.
  • Alternatively, record a video of themselves playing with dirt, aka. dust, mush or color powder, and post it on their Facebook with hashtag #TakeDirtToGiveDirt.
  • The campaign quickly created a social movement across digital landscape within the first weeks of launching.
  • The social challenge was initiated by KOLs from the most famous online sitcom “Thap Tam Muoi”. They took the challenge themselves and challenged their friends in turn to create a domino effect.
  • OMO’s fanpage then announced the challenge #TakeDirtToGiveDirt. We regularly re-posted the most interesting videos or images generated by KOLs and users.
  • Biggest community pages joined the challenge and encouraged their fans to do the same.
  • PR articles and affiliation with Here We Go (Kenh14) also helped spread the news.
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