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Push News Search Optimization

Digitalization leads to smart netizen that are not feel consultatively enough with just one search result when they are in need of any products & services, especially Banking & Finance. Audience absorbs various sources in building up their body of knowledge and confidence on the subject at hand; and looks for professional, trustworthy advice and consultancy.

TechcomBank wants to comprehensive approach to digital Targeted Audience on all over popular platforms, including owned digital assets (Website, YouTube, Social links) and reputed publishers from mostly Un-branded keywords search demand, with the insightful content strategy to not only increase Branding but also Convert visitors to Potential Customers.


Results for 2 continuous years

PR articles appear on Top 5 – 10 search results for committed Unbranded – BrandCom keywords and many other related keywords after 3 months

Total page views over 800,000

+15% traffic to official website

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