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The Tropical Paradise on Earth

In 2019, Novaland Group, one of the leading property developers in Vietnam, introduced NovaWorld Ho Tram The Tropicana as their new mega-tourism luxury property. Not only did Novaland aim to drive brand awareness; they wanted this awareness to quickly get converted to leads.

Click was Novaland’s partner in achieving this bold ambition.



7x more leads than any other Novaland projects in the same segmentation, with CPL being lower by 50%.

11 villas sold
(price ranging from 300k USD to 1000k USD)

Within only 2 months into the campaign, the KPI of
3,600 committed
qualified leads

had already been met.

ROI: 1166%


The product was a high-value asset targeting High-net-worth Individuals (HNWIs) who have a great financial power and are privacy-conscious (thus, their data was unavailable on our database).


Our challenge was to approach this niche segmentation while simultaneously building mass awareness and converting reach into qualified leads on digital only.


We knew high-reach frequency was inefficient in driving brand awareness and consideration for HNWIs: they only read what they want and buy what they need. Therefore, our strategy was to hijack touchpoints with real-time and relevant content: Data-driven intimate marketing. We tracked the target audiences’ digital and mobile footprint, followed them on their most frequently accessed channels and served them different sets of Dynamic messages. Our aim was to approach our target with “Right message – at Right time – in Right place”:


Dynamic message

Key message was adapted into hundreds of specific messages to fit as many relevant contexts as possible.


Mobile was our key
strategic device:

92% Vietnamese access the Internet via mobile.

Mobile is our target’s most intimate device, helping us with a more personalized approach. Moreover, we could retarget them offline via Programmatic and big data.

media strategy

We utilized a mix of traditional and digital media:
TVC, OOH: TV provided up to 98% reach in urban areas (Media 2018, Kantar Worldpanel); appearing on billboards similarly gained mass awareness for the project and the brand.

Digital: The key platform that allowed us to reach over 80% of our target and track performance for retargeting and optimization via Programmatic.

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