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Hyundai Kona

Unlimited Possibilities

TC Motors, a major distributor of Hyundai in Vietnam, wanted to conduct a test drive program for the car model Hyundai Kona to showcase its unparalleled innovation, energy, edgy style, along with its versatility.

Built tough and durable, Hyundai Kona is the perfect car for leisurely long drives throughout the country. To be able to leave a significant footprint on topics related to travel, Hyundai needed to create talk and hype amongst the young Vietnamese who are beginning to embrace leisurely weekend drives.

Click was TC Motors’ partner of choice in putting the spotlight on Hyundai Kona.

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Total DRIVE TEST engagement: 16,735

35% increase in car sales of Hyundai Kona

Total campaign engagement: 889,714

Total campaign impressions: 139,140,140

Total video view: 4,403,809

Number of travel and adventure dreams fueled: countless



The Automotive Industry is about to take off in the country as Vietnamese consumers begin to explore cars as a mode of transportation for both utility and lifestyle uses.

Leisurely drives are becoming a way to spend weekends for new drivers who want to get away from the city and explore the country. Add to this that Vietnam as a country is landlocked, giving driving and travel enthusiasts to explore the country by land.

Hyundai is not top-of-mind among the cars to choose from because it’s not perceived to be tough enough for long drives.

It’s about time to change this perception.


Re-targeting marketing was adopted to convert people who have watched and engaged with this video. Targeted consumers were driven to the campaign’s landing page designed using consumers experiences approach, which significantly contributed to facilitate their further engagements for the online to offline drive test.

We partnered with the most famous travel bloggers, who were converted to Hyundai content co-creators, and their production crew to leverage both their popularity and their content creation capabilities.

We started the campaign with a video from Hyundai, featuring Hyundai Kona and the aspiration of young Vietnamese people for travel.

Campaign KV was adapted and displayed across touchpoints including POSM to maximize awareness of the campaign, which resulted in optimized number of both drive test sign-ups and campaign engagement and contributed significantly to campaign identity consistency and campaign ad recall



was developed from consumers experience approach, i.e. make consumers feel like they are the center of attention, equipped will all necessary “gadgets” to create their epic photo/ video with Hyundai Kono, make their ”footprint” highly search-able and facilitate them to capture their own journey with TC Motor – Hyundai.

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Travel bloggers contributed significantly to campaign awareness and talkabilities, and campaign’s “legacy” which was 10 editorial video co-created by Hyundai consumers who made it to the final round and travel bloggers & their production crew.

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