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“Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation.”
- Mark Twain

Through conversations, we help brands create a bond with their consumers. Would you like to find out how? Meet our team; see our work, or just talk.

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What we do

Whenever a client approaches us, we find that they're usually in one of the following scenarios.


I have an amazing product, but no one is talking about me!
Why is that?


Our customers confuse us. We don't understand their behaviour anymore.


Help me! I'm having a media crisis and I don't want it to ruin my brand!


Everyone is talking about our competitors and we don't want to be left behind.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios above, it's time to think about a good conversation with your customers. Here's how we approach it.

Brand conversations

Brand conversations we've started.

Content & Connections

Two things power good conversations for brands.



Good content creates great conversations.

And great conversations strengthen bonds between brands and users. In the end, we want to make users like and trust us. That means listening to what users have to say and having thoughtful conversations about things they care about.

Diversified Content Talent


Good connections help spread your conversation to the right users in the right places.

After we create good content, we need to distribute all these great conversations on different strategic channels to reach our target users. To do so, we rely on our connections. Connections are people and channel affiliations we collaborate with in order to make sure we're reaching the right users in the right places.

Individual Connections
Channel Connections
Strategic Planning

Our case study

Learn our case study

Our agency

Our agency.

In the world of social media today, one of the most important elements that often goes missing is genuine insight of the audience. Insight of every single audience member as well as insight of the audience as a whole.

At Click, we believe the only way to get this insight is by working hard, and working genuinely. And most importantly, we have to become one of our users before we can intimately and fully understand them. We have to born in their culture, speak their language, share all the unique experiences they have been through.

This is what we do.

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Our office and social networks.



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Love our work? Want to meet the team? Maybe grab some coffee? Trade some gossip? Let's talk. Drop us a line.

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Nguyen Thi Hai Ha

Nguyen Thi Hai Ha

I believe intellectual honesty is one of the least understood, least appreciated and yet extremely important values for every aspects of our life. From my many years practicing at numerous positions in the advertising industry, I have never seen intellectual honesty failing to bring great joyous achievements to those who practice it.

To be sure, it demands that we must be relentless, and be honest in the pursuit of truth. Respect it. Follow it no matter where it takes. Cut through all the noise, complexity, and illusions. To do that, some people say we have to “keep our mouth shut and keep our eyes open”. I think that’s not enough. We also have to “keep our ears open, and most importantly, keep our mind open”.

For me, Click is not only the fruit of that belief; in this lovely organization you will also find this belief manifest in everything we do. Every idea, every concept originates from the truth.

Everyone’s talent in the team is unique: a street photographer, a belly dancer, an independent film - maker or a writer who has numerous books published… Each of our voices, no matter how unusual it may sound, are always respected and listened to.

Last but not least, intellectual honesty drive us to the core of our services. No matter how flowery the current definitions of digital services can be, at the end of the day, I believe everything you do online or offline is to answer a few simple questions: “what conversations your brands should have with your consumers, under which formats, and on what channels should they be distributed.” And good conversations are all done by listening with an open and honest mind.

Out of this also comes the birth of our new brand listening tool, Boomerang, led by Cuong – my partner. But let me share this with you in more detail in another time.

With that, I welcome you to our lovely home. Meet our people and see it for yourself. The energy, the faith, the devotion that we bring together will truly make you feel at home.

Our team

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Who we are

Who we are
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